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[sticky post] moved to DW

I've finally committed to shifting across to Dreamwidth, though this account will remain open for commenting purposes, I suppose. No new posts here though! Find me here from now: https://kiphiana.dreamwidth.org/

Alas poor LJ, I knew ye well. But times move on.

card for hc_bingo 2017

Some of these make me squee, others make me panic. A good combination for inspiration, hopefully!
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once upon a fic letter [2017]

Dear writer ...

My username on AO3 is bigsunglasses.

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open call for drabble prompts

egelantier recently posted a call for "fandom + lyrics" drabble prompts in her LJ and it was fab (she wrote me the sweetest Leverage OT3 ficlet!). I thought I'd do the same, though since my flist is about 99% smaller than hers, this is an ongoing call for prompts. If you're reading this post and like my writing, try your luck. :) Tell me a fandom I know and give me some lines from a song and poem - and I'll see what I can do!


chocolatebox letter [2017]

Dear writer ...

My username on AO3 is bigsunglasses.

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yuletide gift

the right hand of the Daughter (2040 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chalion Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Iselle dy Chalion & Betriz dy Ferrej
Characters: Betriz dy Ferrej, Iselle dy Chalion
Additional Tags: Family, chosen family, Loyalty, Missing Scene

Two times Betriz dy Ferrej chose, and changed her life forever.

The world needed more Betriz fic, and Yuletide delivered! :)

yuletide letter [2016]

Dear Yuletide Author,

HAPPY YULETIDE! Not just yet, obviously, but soon. I am excited to be writing this letter and I hope it's useful for you. I'm even more excited to read what you write!

My username on AO3 is bigsunglasses.

First, a quick guide to my tastes. I want to be left happy or optimistic at the end of a story - please, no endings that are bitter or sad. I am attached to the settings as much as the characters, so avoid AUs/fusions, etc, or anything cracky in tone. I also prefer fics with some action or interaction, rather than ones that are just one character reflecting/introspecting. Finally, please don't write any ships that break up canon ships.

Do not want.
Pregnancy loss, or difficulties. Rape or dub-con. Character death (referencing a canon death in passing is fine, someone dying in the fic is not). Terminal illness. Infidelity. Explicit torture. Gore. Gaslighting. Humiliation. Incest.

Worldbuilding. Exploring culture & cultural differences. History. Friendship. Fluff. Cooking and savoury food. Ecology - nature & wildlife in general (also the seaside, lakes, rivers). Adventure. Loyalty. Protectiveness. Going undercover. Secret identities. Themes of truth & justice. Working to build happiness with an imperfect set of cards. Sacrifice rewarded. Blossoming romance. Established OTP taking on the plot. Creating and building things (families, meals, cities, houses, books, whatever...). Physical touch: brushing hair, holding hands, massages, etc. Hurt/comfort. Some favourite romantic tropes: we-only-kissed-to-provide-a-diversion-it-meant-nothing-honestly, huddling-for-warmth, pretend!dating, marriages-of-convenience/arranged-marriages.

If the muse moves you towards smut, go for it! But I'd love there to be at least some plot or framing story, rather than outright PWP. I'm not really interested in reading sex for sex's sake, but in reading how and why particular characters do sex. Be as explicit or not as you want - but not kinky.

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coronation ceremony letter [2016]

Dear writer,

First ever TGE exchange! \o/ This is so exciting. I've burbled out some ideas below, but as long as you avoid the things I really dislike, do please feel free to follow your muse!

My username on AO3 is bigsunglasses.

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hc_bingo card!

My 2016 card from hc_bingo! I managed to get some really nice fic (/imo) out of my last card, so this is exciting. :)

[I've added links to completed prompts!]

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trope bingo round 6!

I have yet to achieve a bingo in my life, but prompt cards are good fun. :) I've received one for Round 6 of trope_bingo (on Dreamwidth) ... Something to noodle over during the spring!

Trope_bingo round 6 cardCollapse )